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at any time. >> reporter: for 23 days in 2002, dc, maryland and virginia were paralyzed by fear of the d.c. snipers. 13 people shot, 10 died. john muhammad master minded the killings. the trigger man, now 23-year- old malvell is speaking to william shatner for a new tv series. he says there were more than two others in on the murderous plans but they backed up. >> there were supposed to be three to four snipers. in this way you could do a lot more damage. >> there were grander plans to kill more people. >> he came out and shot me with a .22 handgun. >> shatner told wjz he doesn't know whether to believe malvo if there were more coconspirators. >> i got the greatest insight of what was in muhammad's mind. i don't think lee knows either. all he knows is the stories that muhammad told him. >> reporter: this phone interview reveals malvo contradicts himself. they were never able to confirm that any of the coconspirators were out there. >>> malvo is serving a life sentence. the show aftermath will air another special on the dc snipers next month. >>> remnants of an amazing archaeological disc
, maryland home. >> we have a cancer parent who has -- who is on insulin. we have two other elderly people in the block. every day i told them that. >> reporter: pepco says it will be midnight until power is restored to those who lost electricity from sunday's storm. much of the work centered in montgomery county where crews are running in to problems with underground service there. they say restoration right now is one customer at a time. >> in this gentleman's case, we had a crew on site. and they were doing work and when that work was finished, they assumed that everything was fine on that particular circuit. so they left. now we found out there was additional damage. >> reporter: he argues the claim by the montgomery county executive that the company was slow to respond. pepco says the immediate goal, of course, is to get folks back up and running. we are talking about 2700 people out of power including yesterday's storm and sunday's storm. 200 folks are still out of power since sunday. they say after that they will assess the situation, assess the job they have been doing, trying to b
for diamond jim, carnival games, how tough is it to win and sergei is going to pray a visit. we have maryland from the spca with her dog who we're all going to fall in love with. megan is the consultant to chelsey clinton. megan held a lavish wedding of her own last year so she knows all about this. chelsey clinton is getting married tomorrow and it's going to be lavish and expensive. according to one estimate, a quarter million dollars just for the flowers alone. abc2 news sharyn alfonsi has more from the wedding grounds and a private estate in rhine beck, new york. >> reporter: from the rehearsal dinner tonight where the couplest reportedly asked guests to wear country she can or cocktail apparel, to the reception saturday night which is expected to include a massive fireworks display over the hudson. that won't be the only thing shimmering saturday night. chelsey is reportedly wearing a quarter million doll worth of jewelry, another reason the clintons have hired extra security. $200,000 worth. small potatoes compared to their bud budget. a half million dollars on flowers alone. >> congrat
him of violating maryland's wire tap law. >> the trooper asked him if he was recording. and he said no. >> you shouldn't be pross cuted for videotaping. >>> when a policeman arrests someone, that's a public act. >>> i've got letters from delegates. saying, take a look at this. >>> to get a better reading, ask the attorney general's office for advice. it may not locally require any electronics. >>> it also advises that the conversation is not likely to be considered a private. >> there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in those circumstances. >>> if you're going to have a law on the books, i'm going to go forward. >>> violating maryland's wire tap laws comes with fines. >>> a rough commute home for drivers. sky eye chopper 13 was over perry hall. a truck struck the front of the car and tipped over. one person had to be rescued. no word on the extent of that more person's injuries. but the road was shut down as police investigated. >>> an accident caused that road to be shut down for a period of time. at least eight people were involved in that wreck. one person had minor injuries.
not responded to wjz's request for comment. >>> a helicopter crash claimed the lives of four marylanders tonight. investigators revealed what caused it all. it was just over a year ago that the commercial helicopter went down along interstate 70 near boonsboro. a report released this week said the july 23rd crash was accidental. witnesses say the helicopter hit a power line, burst into flames. the pilot and three passengers were killed. >>> video of a traffic stop by a maryland state trooper gained national attention, when it's posted on you tube. and tonight, that recording has mushroomed into a controversy involving a state's attorney, some state delegates, and now the attorney general. alex demetrick explains why so may -- many are weighing in on this case. >> reporter: when anthony grayber posted his motorcycle ride on you tube, it opened the door to criminal prostitution. -- prosecution. >> i don't want to go to jail. >> but he might be prosecuted because of what the helmet cam picked up. >> as soon as he told me to take my gear off, i took the camera off. but what he taped, he posted it. >
the bank. >> severe thunderstorms rolled through maryland again today. we will see what is behind this front as we head into the weekend. temperatures are in the 80's. winds are light but they are shifting to the north. >> it was the chance to meet all of the ravens cheerleaders tonight. the event took place at the havana club downtown. fans also got the chance to have the chair lighters -- the cheerleaders sign the new calendar. one drug maker is using the recent tylenol recall to its advantage. you could ultimately benefit. the campaign is urging mothers and fathers to restock their medicine cabinet, hinting that so many had to do so following the recall. navartus is also giving away bottles of its new try and make -- its new triaminic product. toyota and lexus sedans are being recalled oversteering issues. the law bars can reportedly break. -- the lock bars can reportedly break. here are the specifics. 373,000 toyota avalon from 2000 to 2004 have been named and 40,000 lexus ls 47820032007. owners -- lexus ls 478 from 2003 to 2007. owners should have been notified. how can we be
now our focus on maryland traffic and weather. >> a good looking morning across maryland. drier air has moved in and in god shape for a couple of days and then there's sunday. focus on the friday forecast because we have a nice start out there. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. 50sin the mountains right now. by 9:00, low to mid-70s. really it will be a fine sunny day out there. a couple of high clouds is the big concern. lunchtime, upper 70s to low 80s. annapolis 79. 83 frederick. as we go through the afternoon we will see some temperatures, 85, 87, 88 for the high but the dry air is in place and will be around all day. >>> thank you, howard. time to get up and get going this mid friday morning. we have traffic conditions out there in maryland for you. this is connecticut and bradley. traffic lights are working again. it has been a problem all week long. right now all lights are up and running. switch to the maps and check things out on 4, 5 and 301, nice and quiet. no major incidents this morning. and finally on the beltway between university and georgia, right now everyone is m
23 for blocking a public thoroughfare. pat mcdonough is expected to interview maryland's version of the immigration law. he will be in reisterstown later today for that announcement. a crucial weekend is coming up in the final preparations for probably see the broken wealth that has been leaking oil. >> full containment is getting closer. cleanup continues. >> one small part of a huge cleanup. a critical job is ahead in the coming days. if work goes as planned, a method intended to ease the job of a permanent fix could start by monday. >> we could see this accelerated by the end of the weekend. >> the static killed is on track for completion next week. then a relief well will be used to pump in more mud from the bottom. this process could take days or weeks. after the fracture rate is fixed, the mission will shift from response to long-term recovery. that means less work for skimming vessels. >> we need to adjust the -- all of our opportunity. >> concerning 4 parish residents. >> we will hold their feet to the fire until all of the oil is out of the gulf of mexico. >> tennessee g
the entry to the maricopa jail in phoenix. and the first step towards a maryland's version of the arizona law was introduced in reisterstown. the orioles are expected to introduce espn analyst buck showalter as their manager on monday. he is the third manager this season. the current manager is expected to return to his duties as third base coach after serving as interim manager since june 4. it is the unofficial start of football season, as the baltimore ravens kick off their training camp in westminster. today is the first full squad practice open to the public. for more on the training camp and a look at the schedule, visit jennifer franciotti will have a wrap up of today's activities, including purple fan fever at 5:00. in the market for a new home? what experts say you might want to buy now. millions of americans said to benefit from a new health reform law. but first -- >> i will not yield the gentleman and the tournament will observe regular order -- the gentleman will observer regular order. >> what caused >> some intense moments on the house floor last night. republic
for videotapeing police. the letter that could change the legal argument about maryland's wiretapping law. >> a safe haven becomes a crime scene. the act of compassioo this man is accused of taking advantage of. >> the front that brought us storms, will also bring big changes in temperatures. how much cooler we will be going intt the weekend. in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer glbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. women and new mothers find help. >> safe haven in nnapolis, for young girls. but tonight a worker thought it would be the place where she would lose her life. keith daniels s here now back from annapolis, with the woman's frightening story. keith? >> jennifer and jeff it happened ddring a daytime hold up at the most unusual place for a robbery. but police say a thief chose th3 small town help center. staffed by older women, that say they wereenearly frightened to death. >> teresa thornton is a volunteer at the birth right women's resource center in annapolis. she was there wednesdaa
in the last half hour. he lived briefly in potomac maryland was transferred from kuwait to quantico for a possible trial. >>> the number of mislabeled headstones at arlington could be over 6,000 according to a senate investigation. the former superintendent of the cemetery tells lawmakers he takes full responsibility for the mislabeled graves. and a consumer alert this morning, another recall for toyota and lexus owners. the automaker is recalling more than 400,000 vehicles over concerns about a series system defect. it affects avalon and lexus lx 470. and time to head back out now live to greenbelt, maryland, for the finale of our hometown friday. tony, allison. >> mel, don't say it like that. that hurts. >> it's sad. it's been so much fun. >> this is week five and we are in greenbelt. greenbelt is fairly modern compared to the other communities that we have been in. it was established in 1937. it was the first city in the united states built as federal planned housing community. it was designed under the depression era resettlement era. but back then it was to provide low income h
are live out of prince george's county this morning. we are in greenbelt, maryland for this, the final stop on our hometown fridays tour. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is 6:00 and we are thrilled to be in the prince george's county. it is the final stop of our hometown friday tour this summer. we wanted to bring out as many people as we could. tony is here. we'll check in with him as well. >> holly is with us too this morning. you can't be in prince george's county and talk about greenbelt which is where we are this morning without talking about the goddard flight center so that is where she is this morning. we'll be talking with her very sortly. >> and beseeds what we think of greenbelt today, there is a lot of history in tbleen belted to talk about. we'll bring you all that history of the city. we have shared the history of places that we have visited all this month of july. green belt is a little different. it is one of the nation's first fully planned communities, born of the great depression last century as propossessed to t
colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> "good morning, maryland." megan is off today. meteorologist justin berk. justen? >> one tick before 6:00. we'll take you outside with storms that rolled through yesterday. big thunderstorms as expected on target with the lunch hour into the mid-afternoon dumping about an inch of rain in some spots in under an hour time frame. it's too much to take care of. look at that standing water out there. look, we need water. that's just too much for a period of time. we need more and will get more over the weekend. the first part will look darn good as we start off. clear skies and we dropped the humidity. the first word that should come to mind is just nice. wet weather could make a return into the end of the weekend. check it out. this morning, want to show you conditions down at the beach. this is are a robeeth. the clouds pushing off the coast at 69 degrees. winds slipping into a 15 mile- per-hour breeze. hey, turn the lights on at veterans elementary. ellicott city is clear at 65 degrees. the sun coming up in a couple of minutes. it
neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> remembering steven pitcairn, the johns hopkins researcher stabbed to death in the village, the outpouring of emotion and the investigation into his killing. >> hello again, here is what people are talking about today. that service being packed with people and friends and lost ones who remember the smart young man who wanted to cure breast cancer and become a doctor to help other people. wjz's live, mike holmgren has reaction from florida where his family lives and the funeral is being held. good afternoon mike. >> reporter: good afternoon don. at his core those who knew steven said he was trusting and loving. he worked extensively with stem cells and wanted to find a cure for breast cancer. but all that promise was lost in an instant. the pain is fresh as loved ones remember steven pitcairn. the johns hopkins researcher murdered in charles village as he walked home from penn station. his family held a memorial for him yesterday in jupiter, florida, his funeral is today. >> we all know how steven died and it was
a lawsuit in court. the maryland attorney general's office has declined to comment on the lawsuit. >> state police are investigating a deadly accident in westminster. it and 18-year-old of westminster was driving wind he it slowed down or stopped his car. it was hit by a truck, crossed the double yellow line and was hit by another vehicle. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the view from skyteam 11 shows quite a mess left behind by a dump truck accident. this was earlier this afternoon. at the dump truck collided with several parked cars on pennington avenue just before 4:00 p.m.. the driver had to be rescued from the truck. there is no word on what caused the dump truck to crash. >> a real blow to the ravens tonight. their quarterback will miss the entire season with a knee injury. >> that news comes on what is usually an exciting day. we are live with more. >> just an absolutely perfect day to start training camp, but the quarterback was not out there. we learned that shortly after practice, he had torn his a c l in his knee. this was a move that he had described that he had don
. in the mountains, 75 degrees. gorgeous sunshine here in the heart of central maryland, 86 degrees. a little breezy. it will feel quite comfortable. one of the few nice days a week have had for july. only a few days this month have been below 90 degrees. 85 degrees on the shore. we have a small craft advisory until noon today. consistent out of the north at 20 knots. we may reach the normal highs today. we will be around '85 or '86. we will be in that range downtown. the record, we are nowhere near that today. clear skies tonight. 60 in the outline areas. 66 downtown. we had this nice front that moved through last night. cool air collided with the warm humid air mass. eventually, it will move off shore for sunday. we could see some showers and storms by sunday. a great 48 hours. sunny today and mostly sunny tomorrow. not humid at all. a good chance of the scattered showers and storms on sunday. the heat and committed the returns by next tuesday -- the heat and humidity returns by next tuesday. >> companies offering to sell your credit card balance is now have a new rule to borrow. they can no longe
cloudy skies with highs around 81 to 86. temperatures in the water are in the low 80s in western maryland and a chance of a shower. it is a nice day around the bay. it will be partly cloudy and 84. tomorrow, we will feature some sunshine. some storms will move in on sunday and monday. it is a beautiful looking saturday with comfortable temperatures and august begins on sunday with a shower or thunderstorm and it will gradually heat up and be in the '90s by tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> coming to you live, the ravens training camp does not have good news. dominique fox for his spacey l -- his acl. he is out for the year. ray lewis is back once again. it is good to see rates take the field. despite what ever else happens, it gives everyone halt on the field. no. 55 is reporting in shape. now, back to ray lewis. i was wondering about him when he took the field during what is going through his mind? does he get sentimental thinking about what it is like to be so great for so long? >> if you are thinking about that, then you missed the love for the
, the first governor of the privance of maryland under king george iii. a great day today. wiil the mild weather stick around for the weekend? >> a sum or of power out -- summer of about outages, what bge is doing about it. >> i'm going to talk with you. >> and stopping a robbery with religion. what a store clerk said naconvinced the thief to just walk >> bge says power is back on for more than 700 cantons are. >> neighbors say they're her that before. more on the problems. >> jeff, it's been 3 long weeks for are who say their power has been going on an off. the electricity has been off on several streets. homes were dark for more than 11 hours. bge a itts they are unacceptable outages. the company believes it's foun the source of the problems, an underground cable. >> we don't believe we'll have subsequent outages, that said, i don't want to sit here and declare victory and say we'll never have an outage aaain. >> they plan to hold a community meeting to keep residents up-to-date. effected customers can try to recoupe money for outage related expenses such as spoiled food. the numbers
arrested, but there is still quite a bit of support for the errors on a bill, including a maryland state delegate who plans to -- for the arizona bill, including a maryland state delegate to plans to introduce a similar measure. a >> id is not a party issue, it is an american issue. >> as many as 18 states say they want to push a similar bill similar to arizona. >>> coming up, a new twist. the key decision she has reached about her future. >> < 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. -- less than 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> outrage on capitol hill over the spiraling number of mislabeled graves at arlington national cemetery. >> as many as 6600 burial sites may have been affected. former superintendent john metzler blamed the problem on his staff and a lack of resources. and he said he takes full responsibility, but that was not good enough for one senator. >> it is called kee
force into the antianimal abuse, and would be the first in its kinds in the country. >>> a maryland man wanted in connection with a connection has been arrested in canada and returned to the u.s.. benjamin moore was taken into custody. he was wanted by the sheriff's department in connection with the death of devan baker. she was missing for more than a week when her body was found in a country club. he's charged with second degree murder. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories,stephen pitcairn's murder may serve as an example of judicial failure, but lost in the steady drum beat of the blame game, pointing fingers and political maneuvering is the young man's life. at just 23 pitcairn did more for humanity than it ultimately did for him; a true mark of a strong young soul. >>> the title wave in ocean city is still closed tonight. three children were hurt last week. there's still no word on when the word will reopen. >>> the government's point man for the oil spill says there's been a delay in the oil procedure to help stop the oil leak for good. it's known as a static kill. >>>wildl
, maryland to pepco headquarters downtown. he said he came here for answers. his power still has not been restored and he said there are five other mains on his street without power, as well. no clear damage in the area. hear what the president has to say to him specifically to ease his concerns and promise that maybe the power will get back on. we will have that part of the story new at 6:00. >> that's the thing he wants most, the power back on. thank you. >>> some frightening moments for a construction worker in northeast dc. the 62-year-old man was operating a heavy piece of equipment to dig a trench when he fell in to a large hole on maryland avenue on captiol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free him. the worker was rushed to the hospital with serious but what we understand are not life- threatening injuries. >>> federal investigators have ruled the helicopter crash that killed four people last summer was an accident. the ntsb says visibility was poor because of fog when a chopper went down along interstate 70. witnesses say the helicopter burst in to flames after it to
people on a maryland highway just over a year ago, has been ruled accidental. the ntsb's new report says it was difficult last july 23rd when the chopper went down. the crash killed the 24-year- old pilot, jeffrey nordawes and his three passengers. >>> rangers are boosting patrols. crews have located the body of 23-year-old quinton robinson, who drowned yesterday morning. baltimore county officials say robinson and two friends went fishing and went under and never resurfaced. rangers want people to know it is illegal and incredibly dangerous to swim in our local reservoirs. >>> three men have been killed in a bombing that killed a johns hopkins doctor and a maryland teen. >> reporter: well, kai, three men have been charged with 89 counts in the july 11th attack. 76 people were killed in the twin explosions in kampala. a somali militant group has ties to al qaeda. the blast shattered both legs of emily kerstetter. a 16-year-old from ellicott city. she's still recovering from a hospital in south africa. and a recent graduate, nathan hen was killed while doing aid. a memorial will be held t
are battling a fire. maryland deputy state fire marshals have determined the cause of a town house fire in joppa on thursday afternoon. investigators say smoking materials smoldering inside a container initiated the blaze which caused an estimated $325,000 damage to the town house located at 620 cider press loop. over 60 firefighters from joppa-magnolia, aberdeen proving grounds, kingsville, abingdon, bel air, susquehanna hose, aberdeen and fallston fire departments responded to the fire. there were no injuries reported. >>> in the gulf of mexico, the so-called static kill, is set to be completed next week and then comes the bottom kill, plugging the well from the other end and filling it up for good. more attention is turning to the cleanup and trying to get things back to normal. here's emily shmitt. >> reporter: they get to throw out their nets again, the first open fishing day. after the fda deemed it safe to eat. >> it's going to be bad. people are going to be out of money, out of jobs. >> they are laying off 16,000 cleanup workers and about one-third of the peek work force. those
hometown fridays today. let's send it back become you out to the greenbelt, maryland. >> good morning. we are joined by the mayor today would is making the executive decisions this morning. we like it. allison and i have a hard time making decisions times. >> should we stand or sit. >> the mayor said i prefer to stand. >> so we stand here with mayor judith davis of greenbelting maryland. thank you for having us in your town today. we are having a good time. >> you moved to the area in 1975. you have served on the council for eight terms now? >> no i'm in the middle of my seventh term basically. >> till within eight terms, no doubt. let me ask you how has the city changed in your time here and you can brag a little bit. what are some of the changes that after he seen take place because of your decisions. >> oh, my decisions. greenbelt-- what this is a co- op. >> you have to remember that in greenbelt, the not the mayor's decisions. little the council's decisions that are based on the citizens telling them an giving them advice. >> the way it should be. >> how has the city changed in your t
awaiting on the court in montgomery county. utility across from pennsylvania and northern maryland worked around the many downed trees hear to repair the broken lines. work on the street was delayed because someone stole some of the fallen power lines that would have been used in the repair. but neighbor george worthington who had his power restored said they are used to being at the end of the line with pepco. >> a common occurrence. we're on a small feeder line and pepco doesn't concern it southwesterly the small feeders. >> reporter: not far away, five days of waiting came to an end at 1:45 this afternoon. >> look. your light are back on. >> it just happened. just now they turned them on. >> reporter: jerry black had hoped to move into his new home this week. those plans were foil by storm damage to a transformer. he used to live in howard county where power lines are underground and outages rare. >> frustrating. pepco kept saying, they're in your area. they're working on it. a transformer. it is bla bla bla, this and that. i never really got a straight story. >> reporter: across the s
at national. upper 70s down in southern maryland. look at the 50s showing up in pittsburgh and a sign of cooler drier air with us tonight and tomorrow. 68, that's right 68 in springfield and arlington. 69 rockville. 66 in great falls. what a great looking morning out there. 75 by 9:00. 82 for lunch. and driving home, 5:00 p.m., 87, dry comfortable degrees. it is 5:00 p.m. hello, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> hello, howard. keep accentuating the positive on the traffic front, as well. the accident in montgomery county, rout 29 at blackburn road is now in the clearing stages. very happy about that. elsewhere in maryland, 495 north of town we are seeing volume picking up between 95 and 270. but still moving well in both directions here. moving on to what's happening in connecticut avenue and east- west highway in chevy chase. traffic light issues there. so watch for that. in virginia, 395 looking good all the way from 495 to the 14th street bridge. same story on 95 from dumfries to the mixing bowl. smooth sailing for drivers out there. it is 5:01. back to angie. >>> another tough break for met
but the norm. >> that's not happening any place in the country and baltimore, maryland, does not need to go backwards. >> reporter: now that youtube video was taken at patricia jesse a me's birthday party on sunday so it was taken before the murder of steven pitcairn, you can watch that entire video and also the entire video of the debate between jesse a me and bernstein, christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >>> earlier today governor martin o'malley was asked point blank if judge howard dropped the ball after failing to accepted howard away after multiple violations. he answered "yes, point blank yes." he says when he appoints an a judge he asks if they'll send them to jail if they are found guilty of a crime and have a violent history. he responded by saying the former governor is as outraged as anyone about the pitcairn murder. he also said he wants to find out exactly what went wrong so it never happens again. steven pitcairn's friends and loved ones today remembered his life and one of those viewing him in south florida was pitcairn's youth pastor. >> desire to use the gifts and talents he
, mississippi. >>> a grand jury indicted a suspect in the murder of maryland state trooper wesley brown killed outside a forestville restaurant last month. anthony milton, jr. faces five charges including first degree murder. prosecutors say another suspect was also charged in the killing. he is in custody but has not yet been indicted. >>> a former virginia teacher is facing 10 years in prison after pleading gety to molesting a student. prosecutors say kevin ricks made friends with his victims and on occasion gave them tequila shots before molesting them. police say it was facebook that tipped someone off. a young friend of victim discovered sexually explicit messages between the victim and ricks on the site. but his legal problems are not over. federal prosecutors are charging him with child pornography. >>> one of the leaders of the most powerful drug cartels in mexico is dead this morning. details of massive raid. >>> plus, hundreds of people killed in flood waters. we are checking world headlines next on fox 5 morning news. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where
the sun comes out. just get set for a downright beautiful day in maryland. let's go to the m.t.a. at 5:08. >>> good morning. out there right now, you'll find a five to ten-minute delay. be aware of that on your travels at the m.a.r.c. train system. no delays. on the brunswick lines, 872 and 894 are canceled. you'll find a diversion at hollins ferry due to construction. 11, and 55 a diversion as well due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> all right. it's 5:11. we are taking a look at the headlines, which basically is all about the niceness. it is darn good this morning. we've got ourselves a clear sky, cool breeze. we've got a drop in the humidity. as we go towards the weekend, saturday should be dry. sunday turns away. getting away to the beach a little early. you should be in fine shape this morning. ocean city start as 74. it's 66 in easton but back here in baltimore at 72 degrees, you'll notice the clear skies. we are expecting a high temperature, the two degree guarantee of 86 with a mostly sunny sky and nice cool breeze. right now it is 5:12. let's go
to 2700 people including one man from potomac, maryland. >> people on the left and right of us all have power. >> reporter: marty drake traveled to pepco headquarters in downtown dc to get answers. the power is still out at his potomac, maryland home. >> we have a cancer patient who is on insulin. >> reporter: pepco says it will be midnight until power is restored to those who lost electricity from sunday's storm. >> in this gentleman's case, we had a crew on site. and they were doing work and when that work was finished, they assumed that everything was fine on that particular circuit. so they left. >> reporter: president tom graham admits there have been hurdles and setbacks but argues against the claim that the company was slow to respond. i'm peggy fox in falls church. >>> the young sniper associated with killing ten people in the washington region now says he had accomplices and there were twice as many shootings. 25 lee boyd malvo makes the allegations on the phone from prison to william shatner for a cable tv show. >> there was supposed to be three to four snipers with silence ri
hendren, abc news, washington. >>> "good morning, maryland" news time now is 5:35. we have a crime crackdown now after two shootings in as many days. the harford county sheriff's office says edgewood can expect to see increased patrols. >> we want the good citizens of that community to know that we're going to have a concentrated presence in that community. >> earlier this week, a man gunned down a hagerstown man. wednesday night, a joppa man suffered a gunshot wound right to the chest. >>> we now know the name of the 23-year-old man who drowned in the loch raven reservoir. he was fishing when he went into the water and quickly got into trouble. his friends were not able to reach him. it is illegal to swim in all of the reservoirs. >>> yesterday's storms are blamed for bringing down power lines, trees, shutting down rail service in some places. more than 40 passengers were stuck for about three hours aboard this metro train right near silver spring. the marc's brunswick line was stopped also because of the power lines laying right there on the track. >>> fast-moving trains forced
that by waiting too long for pepco to respond to something that is fundamental. >> reporter: even though maryland's county government has no direct authority over pep co, the county executive intends to bring all the customer complaints to the state of maryland and which does have power over the power company. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> days after the national transportation safety board released a scathing report ever metro, members got more details. >>> 9 local members of congress met with numbers -- members -- members of the ntsb on capitol hill. the top goal is to create federal oversight of all subway systems in the country. >> think about how many people fly in airlines every day transit systems carry more passengers and there is no federal leave sight or regulation of much of the traffic. >> barbara mikulski entered the legislation that would bring subways under the federal transit administration and another member of the senate put a secret hold on that bill. >>> going to see a fox 5 followup. and two downed wires led to chaos and an approaching metro train grabbed one of the wires an
are down in the 60s and 50sin the mountains while we sit at 74 and a stickier 77 down in southern maryland. the 75 degrees with sunshine at 9:00, lower humidity levels today. 82 for lunchtime and a high of 7. a gorgeous july day ahead. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> goodgood morning, howard and everybody. liking the nice weather out there. first we have to get through the morning commute. we had an accident at montgomery county route 29, closed in both directions. the icon disappeared but it might be out there so watch out in that direction of montgomery county. head to the outer loop of the capital beltway from 95 to 270, everybody is at speed and no problems to report out here. chevy chase, we have traffic lights out. we don't have that icon either but it is supposed to be in this area, connecticut at east- west highway in chevy chase. most of the traffic light problems in montgomery county have been fixed but now we have this intersection now. 395, from 495 to the 14th street bridge, everyone is moving well without any incidents and everyone looks in good shape. good road conditions as well. >
maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> 53 is the dew point and yesterday's separation, it was just 6 degrees. and northerly breeze at 6%. i like pointing this out. and the difference a day makes. 73 in ocean city, this time yesterday, 81 degrees and 66 in oakland. 66 in westminster and 71 columbia and 68 rock hall and annapolis and the district okay, here's the regional photo. we have the shower activity. we have the strong storms out of area by last night and a huge, dome of high pressure that came in and took over the show. it will run the weather and by sunday, there's a downgrade in the forecast and we'll get a push of warm, humid air and that's the opposite of yesterday. you get the cooler, dryer air moving in on the unstable air. you get the thunderstorms. well, what we'll get in here sunday is the warm, humid air coming i
. >>> who will have the bigger crowd? >>> "good morning, maryland" captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. thousands of us lost our power and these are pictures from south baltimore. how's the weekend shaping up? let's start with justin berk. justin? >> we got close to an inch of rain that came down in about an hour's time frame. right on target, around the lunch hour extending into mid- afternoon in some spots. i want to take you down to brooklyn park and show you one storm blew through there. a second storm tried to come through about mid-afternoon. overall, about a half inch to an inch of rain in many spots. temperatures this afternoon are slipping back to where we belong. this is where we should be this time of the year. 64 westminster. you notice they are holding 74 from laurel to chestertown. multiple sweeps from maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we drop to 69 and bounce 86 this hour with the two degree guarantee. we're mostly sunny. it's darn nice at least till the start of the weekend. right now at 4:
. and a maryland man gets an unexpected bonus when he buys a used van. >>> a frederick county man wanted the used van he bought to purr but not the way he ended up getting it to purr. he discovered a kitten was hateding under the spare tire. the cat was dehydrated and covered in oil but otherwise healthy. he decided to name the cat lucky. a man had a works at the shop where he bought the van said he often sees stray cats hanging around the area. he thinks lucky's mother helped him get inside the tear when he was very little and then just left him there. >> he looks healthy. >> yeah. he was getting something to eat. >> now i'm sure he will get spoiled. >> we're ready for the weekend to start. especially since it is so beautiful. >> unfortunately, it won't stay that way. you really want to get your outdoor plans squeeze in the on saturday. the first half of the weekend. let's take a look outside and see what's going on. we've got a few clouds out there. they're not producing any rain. in fact, it is very dry today with humidity down at 33%. the temperature, 84 degrees. and remember yesterday, how h
on the court in the white oak area of montgomery county. utility crews from pennsylvania and northern maryland worked around the many downed trees to repair the broken line. work on the street was delayed because someone stole some of the fallen power line that would have been used in the repair. but neighbor george wordsington who had his power restored wednesday night said they are used to being at the end of the line with pepco. >> a common occurrence. we're on a small feeder line. they're primary concern is to get the cash register ringing again. >> reporter: that kind of frustration was on full display at pepco this afternoon when four customers still without power confronted pepco president tom graham about why they were still in the dark. >> again, may apologies for the inconvenience. >> reporter: the news conference, pepco conceded it should have done better communicating with customers. >> we've had admittedly we've had some technology challenges. when things sell down, starting next week, we're going to start taking a hard look at that. because we owe our customers better informing t
in maryland, saying they violate the second amendment. >>> 3 american hikers marked by gramm anniversaries. they have been held for one year. -- marked a grim never serene -- anniversary. their mothers visited them in may. they say there is no reason their children should not be allowed to come home. >> we think this is ridiculous, outrageous, unethical, and necessary. >> they are accused of espionage, -- unnecessary. >> they are accused of espionage, but they have not been formally charged. said it changed hollywood and politics collide -- >> hollywood and politics collide for chelsea clinton's wedding. >>> albert haynesworth was backed out running in th. coach shanahan will not put him out there. >>> a celebration is about to begin in rhinebeck, new york. >> there is nothing small about this wedding. richard reeve is joining us with some of the secret details. >> some are calling at the wedding of the year. it will be an expensive affair, costing millions. the small town of rhinebeck, new york, is buzzing with activity. there was an appearance by the father of the bride. it is not quite
a little volume northbound as you commute north to springfield. maryland, so far so good. american legion bridge, outer loop, inner loop, all is well. joe, pat? >> thanks very much, jerry. >>> well, with just a day left in july, it's already become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. overnight, we learned three more u.s. service members have been killed. a nato statement released earl i didn't this morning says the measures died in two separate blasts. those three deaths bring the u.s. death toll in afghanistan to at least 63 according to the associated press. that's the largest number in one month in the history of the nearly nine year war. >>> we're following a developing story out of california this morning. that's where firefighters are trying to get a handle on a blaze it that has scorched more than 2,000 acres overnight in los angeles county. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly spread over seven square miles. about 1200 homes were under a mandatory evacuation orders last night, but so far none of the homes has been damaged. another massive fire near t
theatre at rockville saturday at 9:30. the man accused of killing a maryland state trooper has been indicted. a prince george's county grand jury has indicted 28-year-old anthony milton of first-degree murder and other charges in the death of trooper wesley brown. brown was gunned down outside of foresthill applebee's last month. another man, cyril williams, is also charged with the murder. >>> the fbi is investigating an incident involving an unruly passenger aboard a plane at reagan national on the u.s. delays flight that had been delayed because of storms yesterday. a passenger began making inappropriate and threatening comments. the passenger was removed from the flight so the fbi could question him. he was taken into custody without incident. >>> let's turn to the gulf of mexico. the blown-out oilwell that lead to millions of gallons of oral could soon be shut off for good. this weekend the crews will begin plugging it to stop it from leaking. meantime, the government is reopening fishing areas east of the mississippi river. fishermen are concerned cleanup elements along the gu
gets the house, the car. but who gets the dog? how one divorce case in maryland may change the way pets are viewed when a marriage splits up. carol costello's got a "gut check" for us ahead. >>> checkin this morning. as we cross the half-hour, three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening their mail citing a french police source, reuters says the exact nature of the poisonings is not yet known. the source also did not know the seriousness of the employees' condition. no comment yet from the u.s. embassy. >>> turns out the number of graves mislabeled or mismarked at arlington national cemetery is way more than originally thought. as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may have been affected in this. the army's previous estimate is much smaller. around 211 plots at the military burial ground. >>> this is now the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war began nine years ago. in the past 24 hours, nato says three american soldiers were killed in two different blasts in southern afghanistan. that brings july's death toll to 63. >
, abc 7 news. >>> of maryland in make is back in custody tonight. 51-year-old dominic webster is paid from the medium-security facility around 11:00. -- escaped from the medium- security facility around 11:00. they used dogs, a police helicopter, and their high-risk tactical unit to find him. >>> the police chief says that major crimes dropped 6% in the first half of the year, compared to the same time last year. homicides are down 14%. the number of reported rapes dropped 7%. the only increase was in , which climbed 2%. >>> they want to extend their summer youth employment program. it was set and on august 6. adrian fenty has asked them to move the date to august 17. they have secured federal stimulus money to pay for that extension. one cannot set -- won mayoral councilman -- one mayoral candidate and counsel and has not voted. >>> it will have to pay to use dog parks. it will be a $40 annual fee, plus $5 for additional dogs. anyone caught inside without paying the fee will face a fine. >>> a stafford county is back in business. they were allowed to return this week. the owner was f
in maryland and virginia. malvo tells actor william shatner that the infamous pair were supposed to be a posse. >> there were supposed to be three to four snipers with silenced rifles and in this way, you could do a lot more damage. >> i don't think he had any accomplices other than john muhammed. there were two of them. >> reporter: john muhammed is now dead, executed by the commonwealth of virginia. paul ebert presented the case that sent him to death row. as for malvo. >> he is rotten to the core. i think he enjoys somewhat the publicity and being in the limelight. >> reporter: in the show, psychiatrist neil bloomberg claims malvo confessed to at least 4 # killings in their sessions. >> for example, florida, texas, washington state, alabama. >> anybody that had an unsolved murder, they looked at these two and i would be extremely surprised if there were 40 people that met their tea mise that we didn't know about. gentleman we want to think of the young guys as a monolith. they aren't. some of them are like malvo would are basically hard people who are willing to kill and he did. >> reporter
step in. maryland u.s. senator ben card will spruce a bill to tighten up the security so that a valid united states passport isn't given on invalid documentation. >> we can't allow for fraudulent passports to be issued. our national security involved here. we've got to do much, much better. >> reporter: well, the g.a.o. conducted its last sting operation in march of 2009. back then the state department flagged none of the phoney applications including one that went to a dead man. while investigators aren't in the business of revealing their future probes, it is likely the state department will be once again put to the g.a.o.'s test. >> tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom. >>> the controversy over immigration laws in arizona could come to virginia. prince william county has a similar law on the books already. now that head of county board of supervisors introduced a statewide plan to crack down on illegal immigration. corey stewart's plan requires officers to check a suspect's immigration status if they're arrested or stopped for another offense it. does not allow them to own property
to get off the couch. >>> this comes to us from hagers town, maryland, where in a nearby town a man got a little more than he bargained for when he bought a used van. several days after driving it home he found a little tiny 5 week olde kitten living in the spare tire. he believes the mother was also living there but jumping out when the van started movingle. although the kitchen was dehee drated and covered with oil, he now goes by the name lucky. >> so today we had a kiten in a spare tire and a cheeseburger and a pickle in a gas tank. we've got it all. >>> have a great weekend, bill. i'm veronica de la cruz, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> a. he very happy friday to you. we're going to be blessed with one of the few days where we have not been above 90 degrees. you can see strong storms and showers that rolled through here last night. much more comfortable today. we will see mostly sunny skies. 73 degrees downtown. 73 at the airport, as well. we have some 60's
a trench when he fell into a large hole on maryland avenue on capitol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free the worker. he was rushed to a nearby hospital with serious but non- life-threatening injuries. >>> the washing ton redskins has reached an agreement. the deal, which has nearly $3 million -- $37 million has a guaranteed holdout after will ma'ams messed the first day of training camp. >>> albert haynesworth has failed his conditioning test, this for a second consecutive day. he was forced to sit out training camp in ashburn. when help finally returned to redskins park yesterday, haynesworth was told he would have to pass a conditioning theft before being allowed -- test before being allowed to practice. >>> part two of metro's fare fare hike also take effect starting sunday. those using the metro rail will pay an extra 5 cents per trip. the price of an -- another will be cut in half. a morning rush our surcharge will be added in late august. >>> local members of congress will meet with the national transportation safety board, and they will go over this week's findings
affectuate an arrest because of it. -> an opinion he just rrleased by maryland attorney generalls office said not so fass. >> the attorney general's office is inteepreting what they believe theestatute said, and more ofttn than not, courtt will aaceet that interpretation. >> the opinion issued to these three delegates, states a police stop is not a private conversation. therefore, it is not covered by the state's wirr tap act. >> it is whetherr r not you have a reasonable expectaaion of privacy. >> a letter has been sent to heartford county ssate's attorney who tells fox 45 hh has yet to decide how he will3 proceed with his case against graber. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edittonn. >> that brings us now to the question of the day. should you be allowed to videotape police officers on the job? so far, 83 percent say yes. while 17 percent say no. tonight t goes right along with reasonable exppctation of privacy. if i don't have it from police, why do they have it from me? >> political fallout after the murder of a young hopkins researcher. governor o'mallee calls the judge repeatedly allowed
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accurate and maryland's most powerful radar. >> it's a gorgeous day out there. we're going to say below normal temperatures, believe it or not. >> i've not said that in a while. >> don't get used to it because the heat will be recharged in the seven day forecast. okay. look at the shot today, we had a few clouds out there and a fair weather clouds out there and low humidity and temperatures into the 80s. great feeling day down along that area. we have a good-looking shot out there. 84 degrees ask we'll take it. -- degrees and we'll take it. down in portions of ocean city, nice steady temperature. 85 degrees and it was a couple degrees shy of the normal. 98 was the record set back in 1940. nice evening out there and the ac does not need to be on. the sunshine will stay tomorrow afternoon. we'll start with sun and that will approximate replaced by clouds and the rain moves in sunday morning. 83 downtown. warm in fredericks, 79. we'll be talking about clouds and increasing and we'll get the bulk of showers and storms sunday and that will make a line into ohio valley tomorrow afternoon. tem
beach, trees down across the area. rockville, maryland, and north up into baltimore. those are the boughts you see there. that is the wind damage today. and south and west around augusta, virginia. rainfall, not much. one of the strongest wind gusts, up to 34 miles an hour. compare that to what we had sunday. 70 and 75-mile-an-hour wind gusts. this storm nothing like the monster this weekend. close though the weekend there. chantilly, well over an inch. and 73 in manassas. we just have to get rid of the humidity. and temperatures not too high. phoenix, over 100 degrees. and temperatures through the south in the 80s. the pattern, doing better here for the latter part of jewel. and there is the dry air in new england, the temperatures are down in the 50s around new york city and boston. high pressure moving in. there is the next weather system. that is going to move in mainly for sunday. saturday night a few showers around the area. low humidity, 60 to 69. 84 to 88. pleasant. and for the weekend, nice considering we are talking about rain late in the day saturday. and through
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